Terveet Kädet - Musta jumala LP

Terveet Kädet - Musta jumala LP

Licensed from Propaganda Records.
650 x black vinyl
350 x green vinyl

8 page booklet

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The half-studio / half-live LP Black God / Musta jumala was released in Brazil and Germany in 1984 but hasn't been available in its original form in 30 years The Svart reissue presents the album just as it was 30 years ago: black and white covers, no extra track gaps or omissions, no extra songs or alternate versions. Also features a 8 page booklet with liner notes, photos and clippings.
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A1.  Message  1:28
A2.  The land of hope  0:43
A3.  City and the stars  0:17
A4.  Outsider  0:33
A5.  Kumia ja verta  0:45
A6.  Ongelma  0:42
A7.  Sotilaat jotka marssii  0:36
A8.  ...ja paljon kuolemaa  0:43
A9.  Käsi  0:48
A10.  Tiedonantaja  0:47

B1.  Haistelijat (live)  0:43
B2.  Huominen (live)  0:37
B3.  Musta jumala (live)  1:11
B4.  Anna mulle piiskaa (live)  0:37
B5.  T.tuho (live)  0:33
B6.  Pissaa ja paskaa (live)  0:31
B7.  Onnellisia kytkentöjä (live)  0:38
B8.  Outo maa (live)  0:49
B9.  Haistelijat (live)  0:44
B10.  Tornion kevät (live)  0:40
B11.  Outsider (live)  0:40
B12.  No fun (live)  1:51

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